July 29 th


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I managed to bathe 4 dogs in the past two days. Carson seems to have almost beaten the yeast infection. We are reducing his anti-fungal medicine and will continue giving him olive leaf extract and grapefruit seed extract-  both natural anti-fungals. Liza continues to become friendlier and more playful. She, Rainy and Mocha all like to wrestle together. Tara referees and will intercede when she thinks someone is getting too rough.

It is interesting to watch the dogs as they function as a pack together. Their social rules and social standing become apparent if you just sit back and observe. Carson is alpha dog and protects anyone else who seems to be at risk from one of the others. There is no fighting, but he will make it clear in no uncertain terms that he is boss and he expects social order.

Rainy wet from a bath

As for the horses, they function as two small family groups. Scout is herd “sire” in his pasture and accepts Tonka as a sort of brother or Uncle figure. Mariah is lead mare and really rules that group. On the other side of the fence, Kola is lead mare. Both she and Rene’ adore Raven. He now is “feeling his oats” and likes to charge at Scout with his ears pinned. Of course, he can afford to be so bold, because the fence is between them! The burros stay to themselves and seem to think all the horse social stuff is silly.

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