July 16 th


July 15, 2010

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Liza was spayed Tuesday. She also had been acting very timid since her arrival and then had been aggressive towards Rainy for no reason on Monday. Furthermore, the vet found she had a staph infection in her skin, and put her on antibiotics. She also still has an unshed winter undercoat.  Because coat and skin problems and fear and aggression can be caused by low thyroid, I decided to check her thyroid function and, low and behold, another dog with low thyroid. I suspect that receiving too many vaccinations caused her problem, as she repeatedly ran away from home and each time the Texas shelters picked her up, they gave all vaccinations, including rabies. Dr. Jean Dodds, world renowned endocrinologist and thyroid researcher, has found correlations between vaccines, toxins and thyroid disease. 70% of dogs turned in to shelters are given up because of behavioral problems. Many are probably hypo-thyroid, but their owners and veterinarians are not picking up on the cause of their behavioral problems. Her personality is changing after just a few doses of supplement. It can take a week for maximum effect on behavior.

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