July 18 th


July 17, 2010

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Still a heat wave here in Az. Tara, Maggie and Bear got baths today and most of the horses wanted to be hosed off at lunchtime.

A very stressful period has ended. I had slowly become allergic to Tashi over the past 6 months. I was getting migraines from her like I do from cats. I was unable to give her the cuddling she craves. After trying every allergy medication I could and having her trimmed close and trying frequent bathing, I was still getting sick. It was making it hard for me to function fully and care for all the animals.

A very close friend whom I have known since 1963 offered Tashi a great home. Jan lives in S. Carolina, has a nice house and yard and a wheaten terrier mix named Annie. I know Jan’s Mom and brothers and I knew I could trust her entire family to give Tashi the love she deserves. The past few weeks were crazy with trying to find affordable transportation and get Tashi safely across the country. PetsNFlight gave us a charity rate and Tashi left Az. Wednesday morning. She rode with the transporter as a family member- mostly on someone’s lap. They even went to a drive-through safari animal park in Texas. I wish Tashi could write her memoir! From a puppy mill producer, abused and neglected, abandoned,  rescued, then a home with us for 14 months where her medical and emotional issues were addressed, and finally to a great loving home in the East. I miss her terribly but I am feeling better and I can see she is right at home with Jan and Annie. Today was her first day there.

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  1. Shauna says:

    Oh we are so glad to see she is at her new home…I showed Rebekah these pics and she said “oh…my Tashi” LOL you would think Tashi had belonged to her!! So happy it has all worked out!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    I am thrilled! She will get lots of pampering and the 2 dogs make such a cute pair. Thank you and thank Rebecca for giving her such a great send off!

  3. Kim Faumuina says:

    Cathy I just saw the pics of “Raven” love his new name! He looks so happy and the kids were thrilled to see him. I want to bring them by soon. Is that ok? Thank you soooo much for giving him a new home!

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Sure! Just call a day ahead of time. He is such a very good boy! You sure did a good job raising him. He likes to push the burros around a little, as he is learning to assert himself a bit with other animals. At first, the one mare was picking on him, but they have gotten the pecking order straightened out now. It’s a little hard, as he has no experience in a herd, but he is learning and he does enjoy the company of other horses. Our little mustang, Mariah, is very smitten with him! She flirts with him through the fence a lot, as we have 2 separate groups. Putting them all together would be a bit too wild. Thank you for visiting!

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