July 20 th


July 19, 2010

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Another broiling hot day. Liza has been totally transformed by 6 days on thyroid medication. She is happy, friendly and playful. No sign of aggression towards the other dogs and is no longer acting nervous and fearful.

This evening, we had a little excitement. Rainy and Bear gave out alert barks and told me there was a rattlesnake under the shed. Rainy has created a burrow there, and a large Western diamondback  was under there rattling away. As much as I hate  to kill anything, after having a horse, burro and dog bitten, I feel I have no choice. I used to catch and relocate them, but then found out rattlers are territorial and will die if moved out of their home territory.

Tashi’s portrait is still available on eBay (see earlier posts) and so is Carson’s, but Carson’s biggest fan is bidding on it.

Susan Monty just finished a fantastic painting of 5 of our mustangs.

It is called “Racing The Storm”, in reference to the mustang’s plight as they are exterminated by our government and the BLM.

"Racing the Storm" by Susan Monty

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  1. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    We are all collectively starting to make a difference. Some of my friends are now being followed on Twitter by the DOI (Dept. of the Interior) ! The wild horses and burros have suffered for many years, before and after protective legislation was put in place. It is high time the extermination and abuse stops. I often think that greedy, small-minded people resent them, for they represent, courage, integrity, loyalty and FREEDOM.

  2. Susan Monty says:

    Thanks for featuring my art. I hope that this painting and others I have done and plan to do, will help to bring the plight of OUR horses to the attention of the American people. The BLM must be held accountable for what they are doing.

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