July 20 th


July 20, 2010

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I have been working with our local BLM horse and burro person to try to identify a few of our rescued mustangs. June was able to decipher Windy’s not too clear freeze mark. She was captured on the same day and in the same HMA as Rene’!  Then, 6 years later, they both ended up at the same auction and in the same kill-buyer’s pen- this, after some years  being used as broncs and then tripping horses. They were both born in 2002. What are the chances? I always thought they seemed very bonded. Did they spend their lives together, adopted by the same person and re-sold time and again as a pair? How I wish they could tell us.

Windy- rescued from rodeo and slaughter

Rene'- rescued from rodeo and slaughter

Carson finally got his splint and bandages off after 6 weeks. His limp is gone. We ordered him a special Carpal support, with a donation from Nancy Raman-foster. He is also getting medicated baths and a vinegar/water/calendula spray to kill his yeast infection in his skin. He is very happy today!

Carson after his medicated skin spray and wearing his new carpal brace

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  1. Shauna says:

    Oh my gosh…I love this pic of Carson!!!! And what great news that you now know about Rene and Windy!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    He is pretty goofy! I can’t believe that the mares may have been together for 6 years, through all they endured. They are terribly bonded, I know that.

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