July 22 nd


July 22, 2010

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This morning I trimmed Kola’s hooves and finished trimming Rene’s. Rene’ is such a good girl. Her hind fetlocks really crackle when you pick up her feet and she can only lift them a short way. She also tends to drag her hind toes when she walks. I am sure all of this was caused by the abuse of being used as a bronc and tripping horse.


Raven has been charging the fence a little at Scout. Mariah flirts with Raven across the fence and he is telling Scout he would like to steal her. I am never tired of watching natural wild horse behavior in our mustangs.


Carson had another iodine shampoo today and they are really helping with his skin problem. Mocha and Liza are becoming good friends. They both just turned one year old.

Carson- Mr. Debonair

Liza and Mocha- what's with the tongues?

Willbur is a little naked lately. He sheds most of his hair every July and then grows a new “coat”- if you can call it that.


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  1. Jeannie Beannie says:

    Aww…Carson looks GREAT..His hair is really starting to come in. I can imagine just walking out the door and seeing the horses and never trating it as old..Always a wonder to behold….Wilburrrr, where is your hair, lol and Liza and Mocha looks like they just finished something mighty tasty…Thank gosh they all have you my friend…I think your just great and admire your heartfelt LOVE for all your animals. Tending to their every need and giving them so much LOVE.. and Love Ya Toots 😉

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you for your support- moral and financial! Your friendship means a lot to all of us. Love you, Toots!

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