July 3 rd


JULY 3, 2010

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Carson had another splint change and bath. He has terrible seborrhea and itches and flakes. Since his tongue is partly blue and his skin is wrinkly, I am assuming he has some Shar-Pei. They often are low thyroid and have seborrhea. He knows the bathing helps and enjoys it. Despite all his challenges, he has a great, cheerful attitude.

The little dog in Texas which we pulled from the shelter (with the help of Carol Shier) is being boarded at Carol’s vet until BRAT (basenji rescue and transport) can get her moved to us via a network of volunteer drivers. Liza was to be PTS on Tuesday, so, she was spared her life and we look forward to having her arrive here.

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  1. Catherine Jackson says:

    Oh Mr. Carson looks happier every time I see him.
    He’s a lucky boy!!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    He is ridiculously cheerful! Such an inspiration. His skin won’t tolerate a collar, so he is wearing a loose silk scarf today. I wanted something I can grab him by. Such a classy boy!

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