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July 30, 2010

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We finally got a bit of rain and some thunder. I found out Carson is not thrilled with thunder, so I gave him some Black Wing Farms flower essences. They cured my Dads’s little Lhasa of 7 years of extreme car-sickness. Little Clyde now waits by the car, hoping to go to the dog park. The flower essences worked for him after a week of using them.

Kola had some welts on her body and a bump on her nose. I suspect she was stung- maybe she ran into a hive of migrating bees. In the desert, the honey bees live underground and flock to water in their last few days of life. They are a nuisance because the pan of water I put out for the birds and coyotes is always full of dying bees.  I used to feel guilty until a bee expert said they were on their last legs, anyhow. I am constantly changing the water.

Most of our friends have been busy sending comments about the BLM’s mistreatment of wild horses  to the BLM and to Bob Abbey, the director. Email addresses now being used are:

wildhorse@blm.gov   and   director@blm.gov           Here is a sample letter-

– I oppose castration and spaying of horses and non-reproducing herds on the range.
– I oppose manipulation of sex ratios to manage herds.
– I support increasing available forage for wild horses through the conversion of livestock grazing allotments.
– I urge an immediate moratorium on roundups to prevent creating need for more preserves.
– Preserves must NOT replace on-the-range management and should only be used to phase out long- and short-term holding.
-Preserves must be located in Western states.
– Preserves must strive to maintain the social integrity of wild horse herds, allowing horses to live in more natural conditions instead of the current imposition of domestic conditions on horses who are still designated as “wild” UNDER THE LAW.
– I support using the authority the BLM has always had to re-establish wild horse populations in zeroed-out herd areas.
– I support the commitment to not killing horses deemed “excess” and “unadoptable.”
– I support private-public partnerships.
– I support replacing all the employees of the BLM with honest compassionate individuals more suited to do this job.
– BLM must immediately pursue proposals, such as those offered by Madeleine Pickens and Soldier Meadows Ranch/Return to Freedom, to reduce long-term holding facilities that cost the tax payers millions every year.
-All data gathering (i.e. census, etc.) must be done with professional independent public observers or with high tech video technology to provide ACCURATE documentation to the public.
-BLM does not have the science or research needed to manage this so how can the BLM possiably make any accurate educated observations of these herds and the lands.
– I urge that a comprehensive review of the program be studied and observed by the National Academy of Sciences  immediatly.
Beginning with the scientific/legal basis for the establishment of AMLs, the utilization of on-the-range management options, the environmental assessment process, and operations of BLM as a whole and the field offices.
-This Strategy Document is based on a FLAWED foundation given that the Salazar initiative does NOT represent the fundamental reform that is needed.
-While I agree with portions of the initiative, it is premature to forward to Congress.
-I urge the BLM to IMMEDATLY place a moratorium on roundups and schedule public hearings to create a program that upholds the intent of Congress to protect and preserve America’s wild horses and burros.-
-The public has the right to know why the BLM consistantly breaks the law by rounding up these wild horses and burros.
-The 1971 Act is still in place to protect wild horses and burros from round ups and there is nothing to support that this act has changed in any way.
–The public will continue to spread this 1971 Act information untill the BLM is investigated and brought to justice since the land and the horses are publicly owned.
-Ultimatly the BLM will become responsiable for the extinction of our wild horses and burros that have roamed these lands for thousands of years if it dosn’t stop.
-How will the BLM explain this to our future generations that they purposly destroyed a creature for GREED.

We appreciate everyone who is making an effort to save our remaining wild horses. We have to live with the daily reminder of the way many mustangs are permanently damaged.

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