July 31 st


July 31, 2010

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The open bale of hay got a little rain on it, and those crazy bees decided to move into the damp hay. I just read that vodka repels bees, so I put some (I keep it to use for cleaning, since I can’t use most chemicals) in a spray bottle and sprayed the hay before I fed it. Hope the horses don’t become tipsy.

Carson is looking remarkably better and is growing hair and gained about 15 pounds in 7 weeks. Here he was then and now.

The “pups” were having fun on the fort this morning.

And, we are having terrific sunsets lately.

Please remember the 3 wonderful, signed Jodie Sinclair photographs donated to us. They are on eBay at the following lnks and all the proceeds go to support these animals.




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