July 9 th


July 9, 2010

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Crazy day! After hosing down the horses to cool them off, I got a phone call from Bonnie, my wonderful friend and board member. She had gone to our local pound to check out a basenji mix we just heard about. “Benji” had been turned in by someone going into long term care 2 weeks ago. He was to be PTS tomorrow. Keith, our new friend from Phoenix who is bring Liza to us tomorrow had said that he would take Benji if the dog was friendly with other dogs. The shelter had not temperament tested him, so Bonnie walked him past the other kennels and he was fine.
So, Benji is now here at JERAS and Keith and I will do a dog exchange tomorrow. Two little lives saved. Our thanks to great people like Keith and Bonnie!

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  1. Darcy Grizzle says:

    that is such awesome news Cat, you guys do such wonderful things. Love the pics of Jovita & Serena :), sooo cute. Looks like Raven is having fun in the tub too!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you! So happy for this little boy. He has 2 home offers in Phoenix now. Wooohooo!

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