July 4 th



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Liza, as the shelter in Texas called her, was saved from being PTS last Tuesday. Our wonderful friend, Carol Shier, bailed her out of the Dallas area shelter and took her to her own vet for boarding. BRAT (basenji rescue and transport) volunteers will move her from Texas to Arizona. We are looking forward to her joining our family. We have since found out she is only 11 months old and her former owner had given up on keeping her confined as she is an escape artist. She ended up 70 miles away from her original home. It is amazing that she has survived her adventures.

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  1. Catherine Jackson says:

    Liza is so pretty. She is such a lucky girl to be able to come to your home. Looking forward to updates after she arrives.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you! I think we finally have travel plans in place! Commercial transport Dallas to Phoenix and BRAT volunteer from there to us. Got a very reasonable offer from a commercial pet transporter and doing the whole trip via volunteer legs was getting way to complicated. Fingers crossed!

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