July 6 th


Raindance and Bear

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As I watch the dogs play, I have to think that they almost had their lives cut very short, through no fault of their own. Bear, our black Chow mix, was a feral dog, living in the desert by his wits and hunting skills in 2005 when I found him. He has since saved me at least 3 times from stepping on rattlesnakes, by throwing himself between us, risking his own life.
Raindance was only about a year old when someone let her get pregnant. If that wasn’t bad enough, when her pups were only 3 weeks old, Rain and her litter were dumped at our local, high-kill shelter. They were saved only because a small animal welfare group went and bailed all of them out, allowing Rain the additional weeks needed to raise and wean her litter.
Dogs don’t seem to cling to unhappy memories like people often do. They forgive and forget and live in each joyous moment. They have a lot to teach us.

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