July 23 rd


Windy and Rene- a sad and amazing tale

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How do you like this? It ends up both our 8 year old mustang mares, rescued from a trip to a Mexican slaughterhouse last December, have spent their lives together. They were both captured in the same roundup in Dec. 2003, as yearlings. Both “adopted” by the same man in Ca. Both ended up used in rodeos as bucking horses, both used for horse tripping in Mexican charredas, both run through the same auction in Dec. 2009 and both destined to die together, before being saved on the last day. Now, it looks to me that this man “adopting” mustangs is a stock contractor, leasing OUR mustangs to rodeos to be abused. I see no way they would have stayed together for 6 years, unless this was the scenario. If you can think of another possibility, please tell us what you think.
Here they are the day they arrived here, frightened, injured, abused….

Windy and Rene'-Jan. 2010 arrival day

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