August 25 th


August 24, 2010

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Today, my father visited from Colorado. It had been a long time since I had seen him. He enjoyed seeing all the animals. Rene’ even nuzzled his hand. I was surprised she was willing to extend herself to a man after her past abuse. The dogs were all fine except for Carson, who was banished to the back yard. I tried to introduce him to my Dad, but he was intent on going after the perceived threat to his “Mommy”. Carson is a real character. He is happy and loving, but he plays life by his rules. I am sure his past was rough on him. He insists on being in charge around here, and at his age, I don’t expect him to change. It disturbs me when people give up on an animal because it doesn’t fit into the mold they had in mind. Animals are unique and none are perfect. Most of their behavioral problems stem from abuse and mismanagement. I would no sooner discard a less than perfect animal any more than I would throw away an imperfect child.

Cathy and Dad 8/24/10

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  1. Shauna says:

    Oh Cathy, This picture of you and your Dad is just precious! I love it!!!! I’m so glad you had this time together and I bet your Dad is just proud as can be of you…you look pretty happy to have him standing there too! OK..I’ll stop before I start to cry!

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