August 5 th


August 5, 2010

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Today, a lot of wild horse advocates are calling Senator Harry Reid to say they want a stop to BLM roundups and an investigation of BLM policies. You can reach any of your Representatives by calling the Washington D.C. switchboard at (202) 225-3121.

Now that I can get my hands on Rene’, I have discovered that she has a “hunter’s bump” which is a swelling or bump in the sacroiliac  area of the spine. It indicates tearing of ligaments and sprain of the sacroiliac  joint. This explains why she drags her hind feet somewhat. It also indicates that she probably has chronic back pain.  None of this would have happened had she remained wilds and free. Instead, abuse at the hands of humans has rendered her unsound at a young age.

I discovered, three days ago, a tiny, seemingly blind mouse hiding under one of the 100 gallon water tubs. I dump them out daily and fill them with fresh water. The poor little mouse would sit there with his head cocked up towards me, but seemed unable to see. I would gently put the tank back down as not to crush him. I even gave him a little grain every day. I did not wish to “save” him by picking him up,  as mice in the SW can carry Hanta virus, very deadly and untreatable. Alas, yesterday he was dead. RIP little blind mouse. Sounds like a nursery rhyme!

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  1. Hilke says:

    Hi, just to say hello and RIP little mouse.Reminds me of twice finding a fieldmouse in the bag of dogfood, being so low on food in the bag, the poor mouse couldn’t get out anymore.
    So have taken the bag in the garden so it could come out by itself, this was last winter, pretty little eyes.
    Now I will have time to read this website and others. Good decision.


  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Hi, there, friend! Have a great day and thank you for visiting us!

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