August 6 th


August 6, 2010

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Our longtime friend, Jan, is now the proud owner of the Sue Steiner “Save A Face” portrait of Tashi. The portrait was auctioned on eBay to benefit us. The first buyer was our friend and supporter Joyce Mitchell. Joyce very generously donated it back and Jan won the biddding the second time around. Many thanks to Sue, Joyce and Jan!

I feel so fortunate that the JERAS dogs get along so well. When I get up in the morning, they all do their pack ritual of playing and kissing each other. It is too bad humans are not as cooperative. No one tries to steal another’s food and they all retreat to their favorite spot to enjoy their daily chew treat after breakfast.

However, 6 out of our 7 dogs had issues with fear and aggression.. All 6 ended up testing as low thyroid. We highly recommend sending blood to  for a full thyroid panel in any dog with unexplained behavioral problems. Dr. Dodds has been doing this research for 25 years and her lab is much less expensive. Your vet can draw and prepare the blood and you ship it. Forms and instructions are on their website.

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