August 10 th


August 9, 2010

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I  have been busy walking dogs and trimming hooves. Sure wish it would rain and soften up these mustang feet and make the job easier. Mariah, who usually chases Tonka away, was cuddling up to him yesterday, so I guess she was in season.

I am getting ready to offer packages of cards featuring the ranch and its animals. They will be blank inside and suitable for all occasions. 10 cards will cost $15.00, which will include shipping and handling. We will offer dogs/horses & burros/ variety/ and winter theme. Winter theme will make good Christmas cards.

Liza is getting more relaxed and playful, after her rough “childhood”, wandering the streets of Dallas. She is finally feeling safe, I think. Carson is getting more playful every day. He must be about 10 or so, but acts like a silly puppy. He is so happy and getting healthier still. He has been here 8 weeks now.

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