September 17 th


A Message From Missy

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Missy cannot write this herself. After all, she is merely a dog. I wish she could tell me about her beginnings, 3 years ago. Was she a puppy in a box, outside your local Walmart? So cute, and free, too. Did you get her from someone who was too irresponsible to spay their female dog?  At any rate, she is now 3 years old. Her body tells us she, too, had puppies. I wonder what became of them? Another box of free puppies to give away? Perhaps dumped at the local shelter, drowned, who knows?

And for Missy herself, how was it you saw fit to leave her at a kill shelter? She is incredibly sweet, playful, well-behaved, housebroken and likes other dogs. She walks nicely on a leash. She is fairly quiet. Were you moving? Just tired of her? No time for her? A baby on the way? Oh, sure, maybe someone died and she had to be given away. But then, why was she allowed to have pups and never spayed? I think there is a pattern of irresponsibility here.

Missy wants you to know that she agonized over wondering why she was abandoned. She is a good girl. She wants you to know that the manager at the kill shelter where you left her quit their job. The county’s solution was to kill all the animals. By stroke of good fortune, the neighboring county stepped in and took Missy and all the others. But, then, they were overflowing.

Fortunately, Missy had been posted on Petfinder by the shelter. Someone who does not even know her put her on Facebook. I saw her there. I offered to sponsor her, to make her more adoptable. My cousin, who lives in a neighboring state, tried to find her a home. No one had room. I ended up posting her to uship, and a wonderful transporter offered to get her the next day, so she would be safe. He gave us a good rate. An internet friend donated the money to pay him. Other internet friends donated money which helped pay her medical costs and buy her a nice new bed. The transporter treated her as his own for the 6 days she spent with him, even bathing her, buying her treats and letting her sleep next to his bed. She was very scared. He showed compassion.

Missy now lives on our ranch and animal sanctuary in Arizona. She has new friends and is adjusting to her new life. She will be spayed next week and she is microchipped, so she will never end up having to stay in a shelter again. She is already showing us what an amazingly sweet, gentle and loving girl she is. Well, I cannot understand you. You apparently have different values than my friends and I do, if any at all. Your loss is our gain. If someday, you find yourself old, ill and abandoned by your family, in some hellhole of a nursing home, maybe you will have the time to think about Missy. Maybe then you will understand.


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  1. Katherine Countryman.. says:

    i love this dog…an if i could of found away to get her to Canada she would of been here…a great dog to end up there…

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you. She is incredibly wonderful and I cannot fathom how someone would give her up. Can’t wait for her spay date so good old Carson will calm down.

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