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Hoof Care / Sept. 23, 2010

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The newest issue of The Horse’s Hoof magazine has part 3 on an article about thrush and other frog/hoof infections. They list a lot of safe products to use to treat hooves. The experts conclude that most American domestic horses have hoof infections. Once deeply seated, thrush can spread from the frog and outer tissue deep into the hoof, causing lameness, poor movement and hoof abscesses. We do not clean and maintain our horses hooves correctly!

The Horse’s Hoof

Feeding high sugar hays and grains adds to the problem.


I have been soaking poor Tonka’s hooves in a solution of diluted apple cider vinegar and tee tree oil. I put on the old style Easy Boots and fill them with the solution, leaving it overnight. This morning, I trimmed his hooves again, once again reaching deeper layers of dead hoof tissue and infection.I have be diligently working on healing his infected feet and  lowering his high heels since he arrived in March. He no longer has the severe pain in his feet and I can sit on a bucket with his hoof in my lap as a work. He used to fight even a hoof cleaning. I have used Silvetrasol and Zephyr’s Garden Thrush Spray. The Zephyr’s has given much better results. It contains alcohol and herbal extracts- with a lot of oregano oil.

Zephyr’s Garden

Certified natural hoof trimmers who have seen pictures of his feet feel he probably also has some coffin bone rotation, from years of neglect and walking on his toes. This will also cause foot pain. I honestly cannot believe he was used for jumping lessons for years, pounding down over jumps onto sore feet. Horses are good at hiding their pain and vulnerability, but that does not give us the right to take advantage of them. I hope that in time, and I have been told it could easily take another year, he will have the healthy mustang hooves that Nature endowed him with, before humans got involved in his life.

Tatonka after 5 months of trimming


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