September 10 th


September 10, 2010

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JERAS  has been without a vehicle for a few days, since the starter died on Wed. My neighbor came this morning to pull the starter and battery out in order to take them into town, get them checked and get new parts. He is incredulous every time he sees Tara. He cannot recognize her from the dog he handed over to us 9 months ago. I have a hard time trying to understand how otherwise intelligent and kindly people can think it is sufficient care to chain a dog, neglect to spay it, give it garbage-quality food, dirty water and barely any shelter- and then expect the animal to be healthy. He is so happy to see her condition now, yet I still think he does not “get it”.

Tara smiling

Bear, Maggie and Liza had baths today. Carson likes to dry his wet friends off by licking them. That is really common behavior in basenjis and is one reason I believe he is part basenji. His skin is like a Ruffles potato chip and his tongue is part black- so I do know there is Shar Pei in there somewhere, too.

Maggie on bath day

Carson "drying" Liza after her bath

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  1. Shauna says:

    Carson is looking great!!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you. I think the bald spots will stay that way- follicles probably dead. The rest of his coat is vastly improved.

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