September 13 th


September 13, 2010

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We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Missy tomorrow. I will meet Kyle in town, so I can run her to our vet for a blood draw and then I will pop the serum sample into the mail to Hemopet for a thyroid panel and second heart worm test, since there is conficting info re: her HW status from the shelter. Dr. Dodds  ( only charges $8 to add on a HW test. Many dogs are undiagnosed low thyroid. 6 of our 7 current residents need thyroid hormone. Hemopet is quite reasonable and using them not only saves money, but aids in their research.


Carson was still very itchy, despite being on thyroxine and having recovered from his skin infection. His stools were not always as “normal” as I would have liked. I suspected food allergies/gluten intolerance. We began feeding him Wellness Simple Solutions duck & rice  5 days ago. His stools are much healthier-looking and he is not scratching anywhere as much as before. In animals, as in humans, most immune problems & diseases have a gut origin or involvement. He is probably gluten intolerant and was reacting to the barley in the other food. The Diamond Naturals is a great quality food, but it does contain some barley. So, now Carson will cost an additional $25 a month to feed, but, what the heck, it is the least we can do for our resident celebrity!

"Carson" by Sue Steiner, Save A Face Project (helping rescues)

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