September 15 th


September 15, 2010- Odds And Ends

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Missy is a very sweet girl, but very timid. I’m betting my dollar her thyroid test with Hemopet comes out low. Low thyroid is a leading cause of behavioral issues- fear, aggression, even seizures. Most vets are missing it. Thousands of dogs die each year- surrendered to shelters and PTS. I will keep repeating this over & over until more people get it.


Rainy, who herself was low thyroid and fearful to the point of panic attacks and catatonia when she arrived a year ago, is very concerned about Missy and protective of her. Besides fear in common, they have both had litters. I am seeing a kinship. Anyone who says animals don’t show compassion is very arrogant, in my opinion.

Carson is way too amorous, and I pray Missy does not come into heat. Carson is not an easy dog to handle and has his health issues. I really do not want to put him through neutering and maybe have someone at the clinic bitten, also. He is hardly scratching himself after one week on gluten-free, low allergen Simple Solutions food.

Mariah has been pulling the plug on the bathtub and letting the water out. Even a brick over it did not help. I splurged on a nice 100 gal plastic tub with a drain. Now I don’t have to worry about the animals on that side going without water. I am using the bathtub as a hay feeder. Kola does not like to dine alone, so she and the burros now eat out of the bathtub. I left the brick in it, as Mariah likes to push it around with her nose. I guess the new waterer was a real novelty. The 3 horses and 2 burros drank about 80 gallons between 7 PM and 7 AM. That’s a lot of water on a cool night.

Tonka got a laceration on his forearm 2 days ago. He must have rolled in the brush, perhaps, and cut himself. There is nothing else sharp out there. I washed it and applied EMT Gel, made from chicken collagen. It helps relieve pain, aids in healing and forms a protective barrier. His leg looks great today. I used it myself when Scout accidentally took a large chunk of flesh out of my finger two years ago. I literally had a one inch hole. A week of EMT, bandage and keeping it dry and the flesh was totally filled in. Good stuff!

Tonka after a hosing and roll in the dirt!

It is still hot here. This is the longest summer we have ever experienced. This morning, I  worked on adding an additional 18 inches of fence to heighten our fence around the yard. I want to be sure no dog can go over the top. I also called the microchip company to add Missy to our file. The shelter in Kentucky only charged $5 for the chip and registration is free. I like to see some people are really more concerned about the animal than they are the money.

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