September 21 st


September 21, 2010

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Good news re: Missy. Hemopet found her thyroid levels are normal and she is indeed heartworm negative. Her T3 , however, was lower than normal, which Dr. Dodds believes is related to another health issue. As I have said, I believe many, if not most, dogs harbor Lyme or other difficult or impossible to diagnose microbial diseases. I saw that 50% of ticks tested in the midwest now carry Lyme, and ticks usually carry multiple diseases. She is already taking some Jernigan detox formula and a few drops a day of their Microbojen. We will increase the amounts slowly and then keep her on them for at least several months. We usually see our dogs get more vibrant and healthy when we do this. See our “Rehab” page for more info.


We want to thank Sue Steiner for another great portrait done to help us. This time, she did Tara. Please see it on eBay.

Tara’s portrait:

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  1. Monica says:

    She is just gorgeous! No wonder Carson is smitten with her!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    I know, that and her undiagnosed uterine infection.LOL. She was already scheduled for spay on Monday- hope the clinic will do her, my vet will charge 6 X as much. Yikes!

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