September 25 th


September 25, 2010

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Bad news for us. I had to run Missy to the vet yesterday when I saw a vaginal discharge. She has a uterine infection and cannot be spayed at the low cost clinic, where she was scheduled for this Monday. Pyometra spay at our regular vet can cost up to $800. People need to spay their dogs early on. The shelter in Kentucky just emailed us to say now her previous owner just dumped one of her pups there, too. They are a high kill shelter….grrrrrr.

She will be done on Monday or Tuesday. Uterine infections in dogs can be life threatening and spaying is the only real solution, as antibiotics will not cure them.

Missy with her chewie

Well, off to trim some more horse’s hooves and work off my annoyance with hard manual labor.

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PS Here is MISSY’S DAUGHTER. She will be killed in Kentucky unless she  finds a home. Please share. Our transporter is coming through there Monday- so he may be able to move her to a new home. Thanks!

Missy's daughter

Missy's daughter- urgently needs a home

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