September 28 th


September 27, 2010

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Oy vey- what a day! Missy had endometriosis, not quite a pyometra yet. We were lucky to get away with a total bill (Friday & today) of $320. However, our vet discovered she has a lung infection, too. So, she will be staying on antibiotics. I sure hope getting the diseased uterus removed will help her perk up. They were very impressed with her sweetness at the hospital. Then, the truck’s thermostat went and we had to get towed home 18 miles. Thank goodness our insurance covers that. My neighbor will fix it this next weekend.

Az. burros roundups begin tomorrow near Yuma and sweet animals like Serena and Jovita will be chased by helicopter in the extreme S, Az. heat. We hope there will be a lot of humane observers there to document it all.

Serena snuggling with Jovita-2004

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