September 4 th


September 3, 2010

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Have had a busy week here. We also moved a few horses around. Rene’ and Windy are back with Scout and Tonka. Mariah has moved over to be with Kola, Raven and the burros. Well, ‘Ria and Raven fell in love immediately and have been grooming each other. It is still pretty hot, but nights are in the 70’s.

We have had some card orders and the feedback is very good. We just ordered a couple of hundred more photos and cards, so please consider ordering a packet. You will help us by sharing our info and website when you mail the cards to friends and family.

Carson had another bath today. He has very few skin problems left, but still a lot of bare areas. There is a chance that the hair in those areas may never re-grow. Perhaps the years of low thyroid and seborrhea destroyed the follicles. Time will tell.



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