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September 6, 2010

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This morning I trimmed Scout’s hooves. He is such a gentleman now and lets me place his hoof in my lap as I work on it. When he arrived 2 years ago, he was fearful from being in pain and being mis-used by ignorant people. His original owner used to have to rope him to even catch him. One would think that a hunan, being supposedly more intelligent, could  deduct that there is a problem with your handling techniques when you find yourself having to lasso your own horse. I have since been told that many western cowboy’s horses are like that. As our horse trainer friend Mark says, “call me a horseman, don’t call me a cowboy”.

Scout has permanent back and neck injuries from the rough handling he received. It is a real shame, as he is a superb riding horse with beautiful gaits. He is usually too sore to want to go faster than walking, which is why I retired him after a year of trying to rehabilitate him with chiropractic, massage,  exercise and proper hoof trimming. He is much more comfortable now, but not the vigorous 9 year old he should have been.


Well, there are many possibilities for animals which depend on us for their care. They range from neglect and abuse to being pampered family members who enjoy every minute of their days. The dogs at JERAS live a happy life of good nutrition, exercise, affection and lots of fun!

Mocha and Liza- now best friends

The horses also know how to enjoy themselves.


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  1. Shauna says:

    Love the updates and pics Cathy!!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thanks! It is hard to keep up sometimes! LOL. I added a monthly news page, too.

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