September 8 th


September 8, 2010

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Well, 21 years ago today, a little black and white basenji was born. He joined me at the age of 6 weeks and after having him as my best buddy for 13 years, I tragically lost him when he wandered off. (See “In Memory”). Since then, 8 years ago, I have dedicated myself to saving animals in his honor.

Rafiki 1989-2002

Well, the other day, I saw a gorgeous girl on Facebook named Missy. She was in a shelter in Kentucky and already just avoided euthanasia. We offered to sponsor her and tried to find a home back there. My cousin, a University Dean in neighboring Indiana, also sent out notices. We got no response. Then, a wonderful pet transporter named Kyle Stotler offered to bring her out to Az. at a reasonable cost, as he was already heading this way. Missy will be joining Kyle today and should arrive early next week. It is very rewarding to save a life, but it is also sobering. For every animal saved, others are needlessly killed. Killing healthy animals is not “euthanasia”. It really is murder. It is time for our society and our legal system to honestly address the problem of millions of pets killed every year, due to neglect and abandonment. I hope everyone who possibly can will adopt a homeless animal this year.

PS: just found out Missy is “low positive” for heartworm. Time to study our options for treatment.


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  1. Phyllis O'Reilly says:

    This is so cool Catherine!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thanks! It gets better! The shelter said they get lots of responses to their Pet Finder ads, but no one can transport animals. My transporter runs a team of 4 vehicles. He has offered to work with them at reduced fees. He lives in a neighboring state. He said to me, ” You did not save just one dog, but probably many others”. Good Karma!

  3. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you. We have to enjoy the few bright spots…she is Low Pos for heartworm, too. I think we will go with slow kill method. Doxycycline and monthly ivermectin. She is safe with Kyle now and expected here Mon. or Tues. <3

  4. Valerie Wehmueller says:

    Catherine, You really are a special person, & I admire all you do to help animals in need!! 🙂 Missy is a beautiful dog, thanks to you & others for giving her a second chance! God bless you, Valerie

  5. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Valerie! Getting very excited about meeting her! I have been researching heartworm treatment and I think we can go the slow treatment protocol which would be easier on her, less risk and less expense. She should be here Monday or Tuesday.

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