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October 06, 2010

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I was awakened from a nap today by the barking of dogs. I peeked out the window to see Liza and Missy having a rousing game of tug of war- both holding on to a plush blue octopus toy. Liza was due to be killed in early July and Missy would probably have died in mid September, both dumped in high kill shelters in Texas and Kentucky.

These are young, lovely dogs. They did nothing wrong- certainly nothing to deserve a death sentence. Is our society so hardened and non-compassionate  that we just accept the killing of healthy animals by the millions every year? We keep allowing them to breed at random, we still breed on purpose, and we still buy puppy and kitten mill animals from pet stores. With every new animal born, another abandoned animal dies.

A dog's plea

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  1. A very VERY touching and beautiful prayer. It really touched me. I copied it out, re-sized it, and now have it in a frame hung on the wall behind my piano where anyone and everybody can see it, along with other animal related articles. Like our pets Ten Commandments, etc. A dog’s plea is also a cat’s plea. I think puppy mills AND EVEN REPUTABLE DOG AND CAT BREEDERS should have a moritorium imposed on them until the animal shelters and pounds are emptied out. It’s not the fault of these precious innocent animals, Its the fault of lazy people…people who won’t get their pets spayed or neutered. Then when their pet gets pregnant…off to the pound they go! Or the owners just “dump” them somewhere. Thanks for this post, Catherine.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you. I found the prayer on Facebook. I heard last week that Missy’s former owner who dumped her at the Kentucky shelter last month, just dumped her adult daughter there 2 weeks ago. We posted her all over, I am not sure if she found a home. Some people seem to lack a moral compass. All 8 of our dogs are so very special in their own ways. Every animal in every shelter is a wonderful being, just waiting for a chance to prove themselves. I agree- a moratorium should be put in place until every shelter is empty.

  3. Marcia Hatt says:

    Yes, there should be a moratorium until the animals in shelters find homes. Once the issue is under control you should then need a license to breed. The application should state where each animal will go, placement plans should need to meet approval and all animals become your responsibility again if a placement falls through for any reason. It should be illegal to breed for profit. Once that incentive is removed the puppy mill is history and people will breed for love of the animal.

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    That would be the humane and intelligent answer to this problem. We do not (or should not) bring human children into the world without a long term plan. It should be the same for dogs, cats and horses.

  5. Monica & Baxter says:

    I agree. Here in Missouri, the #1 puppy mill state, we will be voting for proposition B which will not STOP the puppy mills, but it will place some serious regulations on them such as not breeding a female more then twice in an 18 mo. period. It also makes them have a limit to the dogs they can have and also give the dogs proper space and shelter. More important, it will now be a CRIME if these puppy mills do not comply. Why it has taken so long, I have no idea. I totally agree with your statement Cathy, that these people breed for the money and not for the “love of the breed.” If people want to purchase a purebred dog, please do from someone that loves their dogs and only does it for the love of the breed. I have 2 rescues and one purebred that I did buy from a couple, but I wanted that particular breed and I have felt guilty, but if we don’t keep these breeds going, then we will loose the precious traits that they all have. People just need to not turn their heads and buy from irresponsible breeders. I didn’t. I love all three the same and I will always push for the rescues but we can’t hide the fact that people want the pures. We can only hope to educate these people and get them to donate to the local shelters. I do as much as I can. Sorry, I ranted on!!!!

  6. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    “Rant” away! They say that 25% of shelter dogs are now purebreds. I still am friends with a few basenji breeders. It is not a popular breed and the breeders I know all do rescue, too. They will take any dog back at any age. Few breeders are that responsible, though. But, when you know we kill millions of dogs every year and you see them all over Facebook and other sites, it makes me want a 1-2 year moratorium on breeding anything.

  7. Leland Oldaker says:

    Thx for information.

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