October 21 st


October 20, 2010

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Perhaps some good news for our wild horses. There was a hearing in NYC today. Please visit this link to read about it:


We are finally getting measurable rain here. The horses are enjoying rolling in the wet dirt. They look like mud balls.

Birdy is a very interesting dog. He is pretty hyper, but that is probably due to being in the shelter for 2 months. He can sit, shake your hand and is very friendly. After one day, I can safely turn him out with everyone except Carson. He and Carson were trying to fight through the fence. I expect them both to settle down. These dogs off the streets seem to have a pretty good social structure. Birdy was neutered September 29, so the full effects of the waning testosterone have not been felt yet. He has to stay outside for a few days and since it is cool, I put a dog coat on him and he seems to like it. I will dig out our old heat mat so he will have that tonight, too.

Each of our 9 dogs are very unique and different, yet each is wonderful and has so much to give and finds so much joy in everyday living. What a shame we are still killing so many abandoned animals in this country. Each one put to sleep was another one with so much potential. if only someone would give them a chance.

Birdy meeting Missy

Tomorrow will be a big day in court in NYC for the ASPCA lawsuit against the BLM. Please keep the wild horses in your thoughts and prayers.

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