October 26 th


October 25, 2010

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Birdy is having a great time with his new friends and big yard. However, he and Carson are not ready to accept  each other yet. So, I am in the process of cross-fencing the yard, so they will both have a side to call their own.

Birdy settling in

I was surprided to see Rainy and Bear sharing a bed the other night!

Rainy & Bear

The rain seems to make hooves grow faster and makes them easier to trim. I have been trimming like crazy and also treating a few horses which came with very chronic hoof infections.  They can really be difficult to eradicate. I am now using a colloidal silver product and use Easy Boots so I can soak their hooves in the solution for a few hours. Raven is still having his eye treated after injuring himself 2 weeks ago. The injury is healing well,  but it set off a conjunctivitis which is taking longer to treat. He is so agreeable to treatment- what a darling!


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