October 30 th


October 29, 2010

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I finished building a  large dog house today. It is big enough to fit the big heat mat into. Our dogs sleep indoors, but since Carson and Birdy do not get along, Birdy must sleep outdoors for now. He also got a nice new coat- like a small horse blanket. Our weather never gets too cold, but I want him comfortable. Carson is spending about 6 hours a day in Birdy’s side of the yard, so Birdy has that time to spend with the other dogs and inside the house if he wishes.So far, he prefers staying outdoors. Perhaps he never lived inside. He took right to the doghouse. Carson likes the doghouse, too. I put a plastic flap over the doorway, so it makes a nice, cozy den.

Rainy and Missy continue to bond. They really love wrestling and then they collapse together.

Rainy and Missy tired from playing

Raven’s conjunctivitis is finally looking better. I have been treating his eye injury and conjunctivitis  3-4 times a day for 3 weeks. Thank goodness he is such a willing patient.

Windy is letting me  rub her and I picked up her front feet. I think I will call a farrier to trim her this first time- it looks like a bigger job than I am up to. Someone in this area says he does natural trims- we will give him a try.

Windy enjoying a run

Finally, someone left a nice big plastic doghouse at our gate today. I have no idea who it was. Our dogs have a doggie door and access to the house, but it is also nice to have doghouses in the yard, should they want to take a nap out there. They also sometimes play hide and seek with each other, and will “hide” in a doghouse. Thank you to our anonymous donor!

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