November 26 th


Help us save a little dog!

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UPDATE- Too much red tape and delay. The shelter insists on spaying first and spaying, vaccinating and transporting this little dog all within days was not a risk we could take, besides that, we would have lost our volunteer puller. She does have another rescue in Texas trying to find her a home- all we can do is pray for her. Unfortunately, this shelter was no where near as accommodating as the 4 other shelters we have worked with long distance, when saving Carson, Birdy, Liza and Missy.

.We are in the process of trying to adopt a little basenji mix female dog from the Arlington, Texas shelter. Her time was up Tuesday, but a shelter volunteer fell in love with her, sent out emails and bought her a few days of time.  We received  the email as it was passed along.

We have found a transporter and a friend of ours can get her out Saturday when the shelter re-opens. We have contacted the shelter to beg them not to put her to sleep and to let us add her to our family here, as a permanent member.

We have put up a Chipin for her or people can donate directly to us if they want to help. A sanctuary supporter is doubling contributions right now, so your donation will have a greater impact and you can also help save this innocent little girl.

Little basenji mix girl in Texas shelter

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