November 13 th


November 12, 2010

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We met the transporter this evening and Birdy is on his way to a rescue which deals with re-homing a lot of large and boisterous dogs. He and Carson continued to want to attack one another through the fence, even after I covered the fence in shade cloth. Carson was nervous and losing weight. Birdy was unhappy being isolated in his own yard for a good part of the day. I miss his smiling face, but he was too much dog for me to handle- very strong. Yesterday, he grabbed Carson’s cheek through one of the spaces in the chain link. We just could not continue on like that.

We took Gracie in tonight. She came to a rescue in S. Az. from another rescue in northern California 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, another dog attacked her this morning, so she arrived here with a swollen eye and a few, hopefully, minor bites. She is extremely thin. We gave her an injection of long-acting penicillin to ward off infection and will try to start sorting out her health issues tomorrow. Her eyes are bloodshot and will require opthalmic ointment for at least a few days. She appears to be a Mc Nab or Mc Nab mix. That breed of stock dog is fairly common in N. Ca. because they originated there.

Here is Gracie a week or two ago.

Gracie before coming to us

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  1. Marcia Hatt says:

    So sorry things didn’t work out with Birdy but I’m really grateful Carson will be able to relax. I was worried he’d be anxious with the tension. I hope Gracie has an easier time settling in.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Birdy was not happy being kept apart from the others for so many hours, either. He was not the older, quiet dog we thought we were getting.Carson was thrilled to see a girl return after he saw Birdy leave. He must think I am a magician! She is more dog- friendly than people friendly. She should do fine after she gains some confidence. She must stay outside at least a few days. She had a flea bath this AM before shipping and that stuff is very toxic for me. I am getting a bad headache even through my respirator. I will see if someone can come by tomorrow and scrub her down with my soap and try to remove the pesticide residue. Always a new challenge around here! LOL. Thanks for coming by!

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