November 14 th


November 13, 2010

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Gracie arrived last evening from S. Az. Unfortunately, she was attacked by another dog right before she left. She arrived her with a swollen eyebrow, wound above her left eye,  and runny eyes. She is also very thin. I gave her an injection of long acting penicillin and started treating her eyes with antibiotic ointment. She is being kept in the smaller yard by herself to give everyone time to adjust. Today, she ate 6 cups of dog food. She is nervous, but very sweet and friendly towards the other dogs through the fence.

Gracie meeting Carson and Tara

The dogs are enjoying warm afternoons sunbathing in the house.

"Punkinhead" Liza


The horses and burros are really fuzzy. I must remember to take the camera down tomorrow. Tonka’s hooves are much better with almost daily soaking or spraying with Germ Control 24, a colloidal silver product. It is environmentally safe and kills many dangerous organisms. I t has many household uses, besides being great for hoof infections.


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  1. Jim Tourangeau says:

    Catherine … been a while since our last chat. Was looking at your newest girl sharp looking girl You said shy I call it cautious .. once bitten … You suggested germfree24 to me before and I can’t find it in Canada but my local feed store says they can get most everything but we need the manufactures name; so if it’s not much of a bother when you got nothing better to do LOL could you send me the name Thanks Jim T

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Hi! It is sold through Home Depot here. You must buy 4 gallons- only ~$50.00. I paid $60 and had it shipped to me. That will treat a lot of hooves! It is cheap enough to use as a soak in boots. OOPS! It is Germ Control 24.
    I will fix my post!

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