November 15 th


November 14, 2010

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Today, I paid our neighbor to clear brush away from the perimeter electric fence which runs the approximate 4,000 feet around the 25 acres. I had to disconnect the electric from it awhile back, and we already had one range cow get in and bend over a T post as she ran through on her exit trip. Brian used his tractor and a shovel and really got a workout. Now, I can turn the fence back on and keep the cattle out.

We just got a few pictures emailed to us from our dear friend, Jan Benjamin, back in S. Carolina. She adopted Tashi in May after I had become very allergic to her fluffy hair. Tashi has a “sister”  Annie and Jan keeps them both looking beautiful and takes them on daily walks and on many interesting outings. One of Tashi’s favorite places to go is the Petco store.

Tashi (left) and Annie

Gracie’s eyes are still very teary and I treated them several times today. Her bite wound from her previous home looks much better. She is very skittish and fearful of people and I suspect a possible low thyroid. We will try to find out in the next few days. She is eating well and making friends with our other dogs through the fence. She rarely barks and will be a great little girl once we straighten her medical problems out.

Gracie recuperating

The horses are enjoying the colder weather and are feeling frisky. I forgot the camera again today. Sorry! Will try to post some in a day or two.

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