November 16 th


November 15, 2010

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Gracie is looking a little better today. I still can’t be around her because she was bathed in flea shampoo just prior to arriving and has been making me sick- even when I am wearing my respirator. Poor dog probably thinks I have a blue face. My friend re-bathed her Saturday  in the soap I use and it did not help much. Her eyes are still really watering- I think she is also reacting to the pesticide poisons. She is on antibiotics for the bite wounds she arrived here with.

Gracie after 3 days here

The girls continue to play all the time.

Liza & Missy

I finally took some pictures of the horses!


Raven checking Kola

Windy feeling good after finally allowing a hoof trimming

Rene' showing her "curly" horse genes

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