November 18 th


November 18, 2010

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Holy Smokes! I am still having severe reactions to Gracie, even wearing a respirator. She still was full of pesticide from a Hartz Mountain flea and tick shampoo bath she had prior to getting here, 6 days ago. Today, I had a mobile dog groomer come and double bathe Gracie in the backyard. She then used the blow dryer on her.

Several hours later, I went to feed Gracie out in the yard and wanted to look in her mouth, as I had not yet gotten a look at her teeth. Well, I was horrified to see her gums were extremely pale- usually indicating anemia. Gracie was just spayed 2 months ago at a Ca. rescue, then moved to a S. Az. rescue a few weeks ago. Her spay paperwork says she was healthy looking. I can only assume the flea bath has made her sick. At any rate, any residue should now be gone, she is getting oral lipoceutical glutathione (the body’s main detoxifier), iron, liver extract, vitamin C, B complex and vitamin K, which is needed for clotting.
We hope to see a pinker Gracie in a few days!
For anyone who thinks insecticides are safe, please do a Google search. I Googled Hartz/reactions/illness and came up with a bunch of sad and scary stories of sick and dead pets.
There is actually a website!

Gracie her second day here

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