November 10 th


November 9, 2010

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My Dad came to visit for a few days from Colorado and today was his 79th Birthday. I dragged him into town to get dog food and a sedative from the vet to hopefully allow us to trim Windy’s  hooves. He has been a big hit with the dogs, especially Maggie and Tara, who were vying for attention.

Dad's 79th Birthday

It really does not look Birdy will work out, as he and Carson seem to have no intention of becoming friends. Birdy gets along great with the 7 other dogs. We have possibly found another rescuer who will give him a home and let us have an older female in his place. We are waiting to hear. Birdy is not happy being separated from the rest of the pack so much and I do not like him being isolated that much, either. He does get to spent 6 hours a day with the others, while Carson is locked in the house, but he craves more play time and attention. If this “trade” does not happen, he is available to a qualified home who would enjoy an active and lovable fellow.


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