December 21 st


A Happy Pack of Dogs

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Shyla has only been here 4 days, but is fitting in nicely. She still has some kennel cough, which she contracted despite being vaccinated Dec. 1 at the Tucson shelter. So far, none of the other 9 have gotten it. Some of them were vaccinated this year at shelters, prior to arriving. Maggie and Bear have not had boosters in 4 years, as I don’t vaccinate older dogs which have been vaccinated multiple times already when they were younger.

New (as of 2006) AVMA/AAHA guidelines call for boosters only every 3 years. It sickens me that a lot of vets still send out yearly vaccination reminders. It is indicative of malpractice and just plain greed.

Shyla & Missy

Patty & Mocha

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