December 19 th


Meet Shyla! Our new rescue dog

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Shyla was in a shelter in Tucson for 3 weeks. Picked up running loose, had a license tag, but owner did not want her back. She was lame and had puncture wounds. After almost 3 weeks, she was in need of a home. She has some kennel cough, but is not feeling ill. She is about 1 &1/2 and could be part pointer, greyhound, terrier….trying to figure out where the facial mask came from- only some breeds are marked like that. Tri-colred basenjis, dobermans, some  terriers, and borzois can have a mask with bars across the tan cheeks. She is built much like a sighthound- long & lean.

Everyone loves her, especially Carson, who is being an amorous pest.

Carson & Shyla playing

Shyla and her chewie

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  1. Sharon Jacobs-Salinas says:

    SHYLA…love the name and she’s such a cutie-pie ! Welcome to the “GANG”, Ms. Shyla !!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    She was named by the prior owner who let her run loose, get injured and then did not want to retrieve her from the shelter. Everyone loves her. Thanks!

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