December 23 rd


Missy’s Healing

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Missy & Shyla

Missy arrived in early september fron Kentucky, where she had been dumped at a high-kill shelter by her owner of 3 years. He had kept her year old daughter, only to dump her a month later. We were able to save Missy because we had a very reasonable transportation offer from someone heading west.

When she arrived, she seemed depressed. We discovered she had a uterine infection. After spaying, she perked up. She also bonded closely to Rainy, who is her age (3). Rainy is also the mother of a one year old- Mocha, who lives here. Despite playing with Rainy a lot, Missy still seemed a little depressed.

Shyla has been here 5 days now. Missy and she have latched on to each other and Missy is actually wagging her tail and looking happy. We can only surmise that Shyla is filling the void that was left when Missy and her daughter in Kentucky were separated.

Missy & Shyla

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