December 4 th


Patty- poster dog for veterinary malpractice

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Well, Patty could be the poster dog for shelter mismanagement and veterinary malpractice.

Her known history begins in 2008 when she was microchipped by a shelter. She was vaccinated then, too. She was then owned for a year by a young man. She ran away on numerous occasions and ended up at the same shelter two more times, but was retreived by the man or his female  friend.

This man eventually gave her away to someone who again turned her in to the same shelter. When the female friend found out, she went and adopted Patty. At that time, Patty was rabies vaccinated ( April 2010)

She was unable to keep Patty, because Patty kept running away. She put her on a basenji rescue website and eventually placed her in a new home, again in the Austin area. That person had Patty a month, during which time she had behavioral problems and was running away. He turned her into the same shelter right before Thanksgiving.  (We are now on Patty’s  at least 4th or 5th trip to that shelter).

That is when I saw her listed on the basenji site- thank goodness the listing had not been removed. I contacted the former gal owner and she said Patty was once again at the shelter. We adopted her long distance from there. I assumed  the shelter knew that THEY had  rabies vaccinated her in April. But, no, they gave her another rabies vaccination Nov. 29 – the day before transport.

SO, here we have a dog with anxiety, behavioral problems and hyperactivity. She fights and runs away. She keeps ending up at a shelter which does not track dogs, despite the microchip THEY implanted themselves. Every time she is turned into the shelter, they vaccinate again.

Over vaccination causes health problems and even death. It can cause thyroid disease. Thyroid disease causes behavioral problems.

NOT ONE single shelter worker or vet involved seems to understand any of this. They are not following the new AVMA Vaccination Protocol of 2006.

The shelter keeps no computer records and can only trace a dog back to the most recent impoundment.  Therefore, they keep vaccinating over & over.

It is a wonder Patty is alive. I immediately recognized the problem and she is now calm and content and PERFECTLY MANNERED since beginning  thyroid supplement.

Had any vet recognized the symptoms as possibly low thyroid, Patty would still have a home in Texas. I saw her frenetic behavior upon arrival and deducted what the problem was. Patty also was diagnosed with a heart murmur, and low thyroid can also cause that. I have been told that I have some brain damage from 38 years worth Lyme disease. What is their excuse?

We have no right to do this to innocent animals.

Please visit this site to learn about the dangers of too many vaccines

Patty after 2 days of thyroxine- hyper? Not!

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  1. Melissa Benda says:

    Very Eloquently written! I swear if I hadmore time and energy, Id start a new campaign of vaccination awareness!!

    Good Job Cath!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    thanks. it makes me furious, after having adopted so many dogs with thyroid disease, seizures, pemphigus, inflammatory bowel disease. shelters have it hard with dogs which are not identifiable, but poor little Patty is micro-chipped and was scanned every time she arrived there. plus, one of the several vets who saw her over the past 2-3 years should have suspected low thyroid, with all her “behavioral problems”. this dog is really an angel!

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