December 6 th


Patty- reaction to bee sting

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Just what we did not need- Patty, just 6 days after being given an unneeded rabies vaccination in Texas, was bitten by a bee. Low thyroid dogs are very susceptible to  severe allergic and anaphylactic reactions to insect bites. She has only been on thyroxine 3 days and it takes 2 weeks to fully kick in, metabolically speaking. Her face swelled up and she broke out in hives. I immediately gave her prednisone and a benadryl, plus urtica urens, a homeopathic remedy for stings. I started her on some thuja a few days ago- the remedy for vaccinosis. Now, after about 7 hours, the swelling is coming down a bit.

Patty's bee sting reaction

The morning went a lot better. I had a mobile groomer, Laura, come out to bathe Gracie again, as I still was reacting to the pesticide residue on her from a flea bath 24 days ago, before she shipped to us. Well, after all that time and 4 baths, I can now go near her without getting sick. She actually came into the house and is very happy to be with her friends all the time now. Tonight, she has chosen to sleep out by the front door in the bed next to Bear’s. Both dogs have thick coats and can come inside via the doggie door should they choose to.

We also trimmed Carson’s toenails, which is definitely a 2 person job. I actually made a wire cage that goes over his head so he cannot bite. Muzzles are no match for him. He was pretty good- all his aggression stems from fear and past abuse. He was very happy afterwards- no more “click, click, click” on the bare floors.

In the future, I will have Laura come out every  3-4 months to help with nail trimming, as Carson and Maggie are too difficult for me to do alone. Laura’s fees are very reasonable. I normally do all bathing, but with Gracie, I could not tolerate it.


I remembered to take the camera down when I went to feed to the horses.


Raven & Mariah sharing


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