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The #1 killer of adult dogs is cancer

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The #1 killer of dogs over 2 years of age is cancer. Toxins cause cancer. Our environment, food, water and air are full of toxins. That is what I address when rehabilitating any animal here.


First, this page is to tell you what has worked for our rescued dogs. It is not veterinary advice. I was a licensed Animal Health Tech for years, but I honestly learned more about caring for sick animals through my own experience of finding the treatments I myself require to survive.

They are started on a high quality food. We only use those recommended by the Whole Dog Journal in their yearly reviews. No by-products, no artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives, no corn, wheat or soy. We are now feeding Diamond Naturals- lamb and rice, but 2 of our dogs require a gluten-free food. For them, we get Wellness Simple Solutions. One dog (now deceased) required a diet of raw meat, vegetables and added vitamins and minerals to cure his terrible skin rashes. We will do whatever is necessary.

In my experience, the 3 major causes of chronic illness/un-wellness  are undiagnosed infections (which produce bio-toxins) , industrial toxins (man-made chemicals) and over-vaccination (please visit These things can cause the immune system to fail, endocrine dysfunction, digestive dysfunction, joint problems, neurological problems (seizures & hallucinations), behavioral problems (fear & aggression) and a myriad of other disorders.

First, I have my vet take a blood sample, prepare it for shipping, and I send it overnight to Hemopet ( Dr. Jean Dodds runs a research lab, is a world-renowned veterinary endocrinologist and is more accurate and less expensive. The “Thyroid 5″ profile gives a full blood workup plus full thyroid panel for only $115. This enables us to see the liver/kidney status and thyroid levels before I begin treatment. Here is a list of low thyroid symptoms:

In the past 10 years, we have taken in 18 dogs. Four have had normal thyroid function and 14 were low thyroid. The low thyroid dogs had any combination of the following problems: extreme fearfulness, aggression, skin infections & conditions, allergies, digestive problems, hair loss, poor coats, seizures, hallucinations, obesity and underweight, and joint/ligament problems. The fearful and aggressive dogs showed a dramatic change after only one or two doses of thyroid supplement- nothing short of miraculous. Many dogs also have low adrenal function. All of our dogs get adrenal extract (Swanson). One capsule per 60 pounds, at least for several months while they are recovering from their illness.

If then, the dog has decent kidney and liver function, we begin detox. We have had success using Zeolite Pure, which is a natural mineral that binds many toxins and also toxic heavy metals and removes them from the body. It is also excellent at binding ammonia, a common bacterial toxin. Our dogs are responding to zeolite with more energy and joyfulness than they had before. Remember, it is toxins that cause most disease, including most thyroid disease.These toxins remain in the tissues until we use something to bind them and remove them. Try a few weeks or more of zeolite before proceeding to anything else.

Because I feel many dogs have undiagnosable, mutated bacterial diseases, such as Lyme, I use Jernigan Nutraceutical herbal products. I always start with 1-2 drops a day and slowly increase. If there are adverse reactions, I stop, and maybe try again later. Their Neuro Antitox formula removes many bacterial and other biotoxins. To actually assist the body in fighting off infection, I have used Microbojen, Virogen, Borrelogen and Allermac. All these can be used in combInation, but only adding one at a time and building up very slowly- such as increasing by only 2 drops/week. I usually do not use more than a total (all formulas combined) of  1 drop/day/pound body weight. These remedies are 20% grain alcohol, but at that rate, a 30# dog gets no more than 6 drops of grain alcohol a day.

Glutathione (gsh) is the most important detoxifier our bodies produce. Many ill animals lack it. The only oral form of gsh which reaches the liver and bloodstream is lipoceutical gsh. There are only 2 brands on the market and we use Essential GSH ( Given on an empty stomach at  1-2 cc/30 pounds/day.

Most ill dogs have abnormal gut function and gut flora. We use olive leaf extract in their food (anti-bacterial, fungal & viral). Another good herb is grapefruit seed extract. Probiotics are needed, to replace good bacteria. An excellent brand, which survives the dogs stomach acid, is Acidophilus Pearls by Enzymatic Therapy. We get our vitamins and herbs from Swanson Vitamins. Always add only one thing at a time, start low and work up, and monitor the dog’s response. Keep a journal.

I myself take a lot of nutritional supplements and I use various ones for the dogs. All of them get a pinch of buffered vitamin C powder, twice a day, with their meal. All dogs get about 1/4 of a Twin Lab pancreatin capsule with each meal to aid digestion. Other supplements I regularly use are: liver extract, chlorophyll, vitamin B complex, glucosamine/chondroiten (joints), phosphatydal-choline and essential fatty acids/fish oil caps.

Vaccines- I feel strongly that excess vaccinations are literally killing our animals. I urge you to Google articles written by Jean Dodds and other holistic vets. Visit  Rabies should always be given alone, not at the same time as other vaccs. and not at the same time as surgery. AVMA & AAHA have new guidelines as of 2006, but many vets are still vaccinating yearly. In my opinion, this constitutes malpractice. New guidelines call for combo vaccine boosters every 3 years, no more corona, and Rabies every 3 years or as required by law.

Please see these links:

Dental care. Most dogs over the age of 2 have some gingivitis. Wild canids eat raw bones daily and clean their own teeth. We brush our dog’s teeth 3 X a week with Triple Pet natural paste and doggie toothbrushes, which are softer than human brushes. If a dog arrives here with tartar, I let them have a real bone- shank or knuckle- and monitor the chewing. They usually will knock the tartar off their own teeth in a few chewing sessions. For an old dog with more serious issues, it’s off to the vet for a dental cleaning.  All the dogs at JERAS get an all natural piece of rawhide every day, and look forward to it. I monitor chewing, as I have had to remove a piece from someone’s throat on a few occasions because they were gagging. I feel the joy they get and dental benefit far outweigh any choking risk. We have enjoyed thousands of rawhide treats over the years and no one has been harmed. Our favorite rawhide source is We get bulk chips- very reasonably priced.

Lastly, love alone does not cure disease, but it goes a long way to help heal. Dogs which have been lost, abandoned and abused desperately need to know they are valued and loved. They will thrive with the right physical care and a person who shows them how very special they are.



Zeolite Pure

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