February 23 rd


Daisy and Myrna arrive safely in Baltimore

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Daisy and Myrna were 2 dogs on death row in a Texas shelter. We had been networking Daisy like crazy on Facebook and the website here. Claire Calvino recognized Daisy in one of our posts as a possible Carolina Dog and alerted the Carolina Dog experts ( Rachel Nagher and Leslie Luebbers) and they believed them to be Carolina Dogs. They just happened to know a family in Baltimore experienced with this unusual breed who were looking for a female since theirs had died. Well, next thing you know, they decided to save both girls! With the help of Laura Forsythe, wonderful manager at Irving Animal services, JERAS was able to “pull” the 2 girls at no cost to the adopters. Then, because of blizzard conditions in Dallas, they had to be boarded (thanks to donors) while waiting for Kyle Stotler, a transporter, to dig out of his home in Mo. We are thrilled to tell you that both girls are now safely in their new home after a long two weeks since leaving the shelter. THANK YOU to all involved!

This is is what their new owner (George and Peggy Thomas) has to say:

“Myrna and Daisy arrived this morning and it has been nonstop since.  I’m sitting here with Daisy sleeping next to me and Myrna on the floor.  They’re great, more than we could ever have expected.  Thank you so much for all your help and dedication in saving them and getting them to us.

Daisy is a little love bug, and Myrna had us scared at first,  We thought she was completely wild and aloof, but it only took a little time and her true sweet self emerged.  She and Daisy are tied at the hip and follow us everywhere.  They go wild racing about in the yard together, guess they have a lot of pent up energy.”



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  1. Marcia Hatt says:

    dear god they are adorable. it’s unfathomable someone would abandon these two girls… way to go JERAS <3

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thanks! It was a wonderful group effort.

  3. Leslie Luebbers says:

    They are going to have a fantastic life with George and Peggy. It’s so wonderful when it works out. Thanks to everyone who worked to save them.

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    we are thrilled!

  5. Brent says:

    This is sad but VERY important information from California Animal Rescue regarding animal transport. Please share this information & beware of who you allow to transport animals for you.
    Suzi Johnston

    On Wednesday 11/17/10, a family of Blue Nose Pit Bulls that were rescued from a shelter in CA on their way to CT arrived in Albuquerque. The transporter, Kyle Stotler 918-244-4979 (DO NOT EVER USE THIS GUY TO TRANSPORT AN ANIMAL THAT YOU LOVE….OR ANY ANIMAL FOR THAT MATTER), that was supposed to take the dogs from Albuquerque to CT had his friend call our transporter to say he had been in an accident and that the friend would hold the dogs for him until he could pick them up. Since Wednesday night we had been trying to contact both Kyle and his friend because the rescue group taking this family called us concerned because they had been told several stories from this guy and did not know where these dogs were. They were told by Kyle that the mom was “destructive and aggressive” at one point and then another story they got was that there was a house fire and the mom, dad and 3 two week old puppies were seized by Animal Control.

    The rescue group, Save A Death Row Doggie, with no help from this Kyle guy, was able to locate the dad and the three puppies at the Eastside shelter…..NO MOM! The rescue was told that the dad and the puppies were brought in by some guy that claimed that he found them wandering the streets. 2 week old puppies wandering the streets?!?!? Dad and the puppies were picked up from the shelter, but at this time it is unknown where mom is. We fear that something bad has happened to her. If anybody has seen her or know where she is, PLEASE help us get her reunited with the rest of her family….especially the pups who need her most! She is VERY friendly and not at all aggressive. She (and the rest of the family) were fostered in my home and we had no trouble with her at all. She did well with my dogs and my 6 year old daughter. Please help us find her!!

  6. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    We are aware of the problems. We had a terrific experience with this transporter, but are not recommending him now.

  7. Claudette Robichaud. says:

    awww awww aww.I cant Believe this Guy Kle stotler..was transporting dogs and killed a few of them..my God..thats sooo cruel..i hope they put him to jail the bastered..and suffer as much,as he did to thease dogs.( WHY WHY DID YOU KEEP HIM TRANSPORTING THE DOGS TO SOMEONE>>WHY DIDNT YOU REPORT HIM THE SECON TIME AROUND WHY).

  8. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    GET A GRIP! We used him ONCE and he was fine. He transported these 2 dogs for someone else & they got to their destination fine. Irving Shelter used him a lot and everything was FINE for some time. People change sometimes! We cannot report someone who did NOT HARM OUR DOG!

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