March 16 th


Carson much better!

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We are weaning Carson off the prednisone and started giving him low dose cortisol. Within 4 hours of the first dose of cortisol, he really perked up. Cortisol replaces both gluco and mineralocorticoids. The mobile vet did not think blood work was needed, as Carson’s urine sample was concentrated (indicating decent kidney function). He insisted Carson caught a “virus”. Well, Carson’s weakness, anorexia and vomiting/regurgitation came on over a period of several weeks. No other dog is sick. We have no contact with outside animals. He rallied immediately on steroids. We had an email consult with a renowned canine endocrinologist who told us to continue what we are doing. ‘Nough said……….at least he did get a physical exam and nothing was amiss upon the physical. We will keep him on enough cortisol to make him feel well. I myself have Addison’s and I adjust my own cortisol dosage, I am sure I can handle reading Carson’s symptoms. He is old and lived a lifetime of neglect  and the goal is to keep him happy and feeling well for as long as we can. Here he is this morning.

Carson 3/16/11

Addendum: Today is the FIRST DAY Carson has sung for his meal since the fight ~ 7 weeks ago. He has adrenal insufficiency, not a “virus”. When in doubt, follow your gut and do not be intimidated by any vet or doctor.

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