March 13 th



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Carson’s appetite had been finicky for a few days. He also had occasional episodes of regurgitation over the past 2 weeks. He is being treated for an ear infection and we first thought the gastric problems were related to the infection or antibiotics.Two days ago, he became very weak. Because he is extremely wary of strangers and reacts aggressively, running him to town to see our vet is not an easy, if possible,  task. We opted instead for an appointment with a mobile vet who can draw and run blood tests while he is here. He suspects liver or kidney failure, but after researching, we think it may be adrenal failure. We started Carson on prednisone and he has bounced back somewhat, is eating and has no more vomiting or regurgitation. We are very concerned that the Rabies vaccination he had last fall may have precipitated organ failure. Unfortunately, we needed all dogs to be current because of the law and our kennel license. Arizona does not have an exemption for dogs with positive vaccine titers, or we would have had a titer test done instead of a vaccine.

Carson was almost dead last June when he was pulled off the streets in a rough area of Los Angeles. He has come a long way on good care, good food, supplements and the proper medications to treat his skin and thyroid problems. It would be beyond heartbreaking to lose him after only 9 months. In January, he was feeling great. We are praying this was just an adrenal crisis and that he can be maintained on medication.

Carson singing for his breakfast

Carson in the shelter, May 2010

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