March 29 th


JERAS mustangs’ futures at stake/funding needed

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Hay has gone from $11 to 14 a bale over 3 months. West coast growers are selling hay to Middle Eastern and Asian countries. It is disgraceful that their greed is putting American animals at risk. That means it is costing us an additional $120 a month to purchase hay. We are $500 a month short on donations towards the seven horses.  I tried to see if the other sanctuary would take 5 horses now, in exchange for a $75,000 lien against my home. They cannot do that. They will honor our legal agreement should I die (to take the horses and they get insurance and my home), but they cannot take more horses now. I really thought they could or would. They, too, are concerned about the future of the horses already under their care. so now, I must admit, I am very scared.
If we don’t get more $ coming in, I will be faced with very hard decisions in a few months. I will not put these animals at risk of abuse or slaughter by giving them away to strangers or uncertain futures. We really need a broader donor base to give these mustangs a secure future.

All but one of these horses are unsound and have already gone through abuse and neglect. It now costs me $110 a month to support a horse. I do hoof trimming and most veterinary care myself. There are no frills. I don’t get paid a cent and I work my butt off here. I already did a debt settlement and cannot borrow more $ to support these horses. I do have 2 parcels of land for sale, but the market is very slow and I need the first $15,000 I get (if anything sells) to pay off old rescue debt first.

A sanctuary friend and supporter, Joyce, has offered to match donations over the next month up to a total of $1000. So, your donations will be doubled. Thank you, Joyce!

The bottom line, though, is that we need more monthly donors to keep these horses safe for the future.

4 of our mustangs

Here are the JERAS horses having some fun- please help assure them of more happy days ahead.

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  1. Sharon Jacobs-Salinas says:

    Thank you, Cathy, for saving these ‘special needs’ mustangs and domestic horses from certain death. Many have been with you for quite some time. The individual love, care and devotion you give each of them is miraculous! I say that because you’re a disabled Veterinary Technician and run the entire rescue/sanctuary on a small disability check with no ‘physical’ help from anyone! You give so many people ‘free’ advice on the latest ‘natural’ medicinal treatments and have never asked for anything; you have a heart of gold! Having just read the article above, my donation of $150. for the ‘beauties’ is on it’s way…I hope you receive many more, much needed donations!! xoxoxo

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    thank you for being a wonderful supporter and friend to all animals! Your donation is fantastic and was matched, too! Our hay drive is proving very successful, I can breathe again and assure the horses and burros that they will still be getting their 3 meals a day for some months ahead. Thank you!

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