March 9 th


Patty goes to the veterinarian

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I took Patty to the vet for a blood draw and sent the serum to Hemopet for thyroid levels check and heartworm test (now that she has been away from Texas awhile). She was terrified riding to town, probably thought it was another trip to be dumped at a shelter. Once the vet was done, she seemed to realize it was OK and ate her cookie and her rawhide on the way home. Furthermore, her supposed heart murmur is now gone. That vet she had in Texas was a real winner. My vet said the low thyroid could have caused a murmur back then. The Texas vet missed the thyroid and had her on psyche meds…


Carson’s ear infection seems almost cleared up, although he must take the Baytril for another 15 days to be sure. We also got some Tris EDTA- a non toxic but potent ear wash for fighting pseudomonas infections. Carson is getting easier to treat as each day goes by.


Niki’s new owner loves him and her 2 females seem to have accepted him. We are anxious to see pics of them together. He was the Carolina Dog rescued from Texas that was here to get his heartworm treatment started. We are providing the medication for the full 9 months for the slow kill method, which is safer than the immiticide injections.


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